How 3D Animations Helps To Increase Technical Sales?

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Animated videos made viral waves over social media and YouTube channels. These videos are not a trend but come across as a comprehensive method to narrate the product story. Human vision is known to respond 60,000 times faster to visual information as compared to textual information. As per market statistics, product videos, posted by brands, are more likely to sell 64% more.

Let us try to understand why 3D explainer animations are such effective marketing tools, especially for technical products.

3D technical or engineering animation brings multi-dimensional advantages when showcasing features and functionalities of technical products. Apart from being just an impressive visual storytelling instrument, here are the other key benefits of using 3D animations for sales and marketing:

  • Technical products and equipment are generally complex to understand from textual information.
    A well-thought 3D animation can better communicate engineering details and features in a comprehensible manner, eliminating any misinterpretation.
  • Sights and sounds enable stronger audience engagement, improving product interest and information retention.
  • The creative possibilities with 3D animation are huge – product key messaging can be delivered in the most compelling manner that engages with your target audience and stands out from competition.

3D animations find its use in marketing and sale activities where dependency on the technical competency of the sales executive may be critical. As the 3D animation explains all the technicalities, they can also be used on social media to promote specific features and benefits.
If you have a technical product to sell, your shift towards 3D animation is inevitable, but it is better to do it sooner.

How Does Animation Engage with More Buyers?

Animations have moved from mere entertainment to educative and informative domains. Businesses of all sizes are using animation videos, leading to 69% of online content developed in 2017 to be video content. Informational technical product animation is a powerful sales tool, helping the salesperson to communicate and instil confidence in the product performance. Animation works better than every other type of content because:

Longer Attention Span

People are too busy nowadays and their attention span lowers significantly while using the internet. They receive messages, calls, and notifications that deviate their attention from making sense out of complex technical details of a product. Animation videos are known to generate higher interest and longer attention spans in viewers as it is much more self-explanatory. Audience engages more with the videos as the story unveils in a beautiful visual manner. The information passed in videos is processed faster by the brain and its retention period is also longer compared to textual information.

Simplicity of Expression

Technical products hardware or software are difficult to understand as they do not talk and that’s why most people are unable to relate to them easily. With technical animation, the operations and features of equipment can be explained in a real-life manner which improves users understanding.

Animation is Quick

A technical concept, which requires loads of pages to explain, can be better understood using a 15-second animation. Different labels, text overlays and multiple dimensions of animation make it a moving representation of the story of the product.

Animation is Fun

Most users prefer videos over textual information as 3D animations make complicated technical products more interesting.

Animation is for everything

Animation works for any kind of product and helps a company create a brand image that propagates and has a higher shareable rate on social media channels.

Animation is cost effective

With technology advancements, the cost of animations has come down significantly. The ROI of animation also increases as it is an effective sales tool that improves the understanding of technical products.

3D Animation Technical Aspects

Zoom Effects

Technical hardware products are intricate, and their functionality cannot be explained without zooming into them. With 3D animations, a zoom effect can be easily created and even the microscopic parts can be explained.

A Detailed Demonstration of Set Up

A technical product may require assembly. 3D assembly animations encourage buyers’ confidence with easy step-by-step reference for the products’ assembly and functionality.

Multiple Condition Demonstrations

A 3D explainer animation can be used to demonstrate the impact of hypothetical situations on the technical product. The impact of temperature, speed, moisture and all can be well explained using animation. For example, how a crane operates in a windy climate can be demonstrated using engineering animation.

The Power of Marketing Animation

Businesses are using 3D animations on social media channels to create a noteworthy brand presence. As the animations are short, interactive and fun to watch, it makes a lot of sense to utilize this marketing medium.

The question is, does every 3D animation drive higher sales engagement for technical products? There are 3 primary elements that make it impressive – the Idea, Creativity and Animation skills. But the ideal proportion of these factors is known only to professionals. So, it’s the time to hire 3D Animation Experts, agree?